Death Is A PlaceMature

Death is a place,

Where everything is better,

A paralell universe,

Safety in the dark,

If they can't see me,

Then I'm safe,

When the glowing coals of hell,

Become the light at the end of the tunnel,

The tunnel of purgatory,

That a glowing splinter of broken heart,

Is leading me through,

It's shards slitting my wrist,

Stare through bruised eyelids,

But my eyes are just glass,

They don't see the deeper side of this darkness,

The darkness that curls itself around me like a snake,

To strangle me in its suffocating folds,

Of black, poisoned scales,

I'm ready to die,

My soul is strangled by misery, choked by tears,

I don't care where it leads from here.

The End

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