Cold Room

I’m still in love with you

It’s like I entered a cold room

But I can’t go back

It's a sweaty heat, that's all



I’m in love with you

No exaggeration

A big mistake

My hands on my lap

My spine folded in half

Like I want to hide away

But I’m still so restless


Waiting for what

A grand realization

I laugh at that

A nervous chuckle that goes on for too long

You made your point



You can only half love me

And that’s not enough

You want hot heated nights

And soft lighted after glow

But you don’t want to see saddness and anger

You won't see the full face of love


Face to face

Back to back

Hand on hand

Looking at a mirror

Let her give me love

She’s embraced me night after night

Held me tight

Not keep me at a distance

Let her brush away my tears

Let her bring warmth to this cold room

The End

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