Cliff Hangers

These are all the stories I have not been able to finish. They are left off on cliff hangers on purpose. Feel free to read and become mad because you want to know what happens next. Honestly, I think if someone can get someone else mad by writing something, they are a true writer. You do not know how many times I've been mad at writers!


My hands were sweating because of the scorching Grand Canyon heat, which didn't help the fact that I was hanging off a cliff!  I tired to move my legs up to the edge of the cliff without letting go, but that didn't work.  It only made things worse.

"Why did I have do this?" I murmered to myself.

Sweat dripped off my forehead.  I looked up at the sun.  It was after noon.  I could tell by the suns point in the sky.

"I just have to stay calm.  Com'on Bug! You can do this!"  I told myself.

I tried to swing myself up one more time...


The End

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