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In my previous house I thought it was designed pretty uniquely when approaching the backyard. It sounds silly but then I added people tied to poles, and then I walk towards my backyard and creep myself out, so I jotted this down. I have not yet really enhanced it or detailed it up, but I wanted to post the quick idea I had.

**WARNING**: This does contain inappropriate language for younger readers.

If you hear reported shots from 93 Chadam Lane, don't be alarmed I am just shooting targets in my backyard.

Half an hour later calls began to flood in reporting what sounds like gunfire and is originating from 93 Chadam Lane.
Cops sent out a squad car to the address reported. The cop showed up at the house and the gun fire still continued to sound.

“Dispatch this is unit 202, confirmed gun shots fired at 93 Chadam Lane, please send backup asap”

The cop stepped out of his vehicle with one hand on his glock 5mm and gently shut the door behind him, eyes scanning the front of the house and slowly approached the front of the house.
He reached the front door, where he knocked,

"this is the County Police Department please come out."

The cop continued to scan the front door peering in through the window provided in the door.
The cop knocked again. The gun shots were still being fired sporadically, originating from what he anticipated to be the backyard. The cop stepped back from the front door hand still on top of his glock which was fastened tightly to his belt. The cop walked to the side of the house opening up to the backyard where the gun fire began to increase in volume as the loud cracking bang occurred from what sounded like a revolver. The cop was certain. As he circled around back he began to see the targets the man was referring to. What looked like 3 human shaped figures tied to thick poles stamped in the ground. Hands and feet bound by rope making it impossible to move. These poor souls had been tortured and used for someone’s sick game before being executed as target practice. Each of the 3 human targets had fabric tied around their mouths, which told the cop that they were alive at some point, or still were? As the cop began to draw his pistol and cut the angle to the back of the house he unclipped his weapon and raised it. There he saw a man standing behind a table lined with weapons, ranging from assorted rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

"Drop the weapon!" The cop screamed putting both hands on his pistol. The man was in the midst of reloading what the cop knew to be a .45 revolver; the man did not place down his weapon however but only turned towards the cop.

"Oh, I see you came to join my target practice." He said following with a slight chuckle and an obvious smile.

"Put the weapon on the table, and step back!" The cop exclaimed again this time using one finger to point at the table.

"I'm afraid I can't do that sir, I'm not done yet working on my shot", the man said now clearly scanning his table of weapons trying to find his next choice.
"Actually, can I make you a bet?" he asked rhetorically, obviously not caring what response the officer had.

"I'll tell you one more time, drop the fucking gun!" The cop finally stated again with both hands on pistol this time slowly moving towards the man.

"I bet you I have a quicker draw. Let’s see who does, shall we?" the man said now placing the revolver he was previously using on the table. The man stepped back from the table and shifted around to have a straight view of the officer. The cop had his eyes glued on the man trying to show no emotion of the overwhelming uncomfortable feeling that just dawned on him at the man’s request.

"Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your back, I will not say this again." the cop yelled firmly.

"You won't have to say it again, because in a moment either you will be on the ground or I will" the man said laughing. The cop assumed with no visible weapon he was obviously concealing one or bluffing. Both men shared glazes as they started walking in a circular motion, cop moving towards the table of weapons, and the man walking towards his closest target, who was clearly dead, blood dripping from freshly ripped flesh of what used to be a young male, probably no older than 23. For a quick moment the officers eyes broke stare as he scanned the weapons on the table.

"It's an impressive collection, don't cha' think?" the man said to the cop clearly stroking his ego. " But let’s get back to business because I have more target practice to do, and you’d make a great addition to my collection." The cop shifted his eyes back towards the man re-connecting eye contact, feeling uncomfortable and rather vulnerable.

"I’ll count down from 3 and then we'll draw and shoot. May the best man win." he said as he dropped both hands to his side.

"The only thing about to happen is you dropping to the fucking ground and taking a ride in my car, how’s that sound?", the cop said with finger firmly pressed against the trigger. The man laughed, he liked his sense of humour.

"3.." the man’s fingers began to wiggle. The cop wasn't sure to call his bluff or just shoot the bastard.

"2.." the man smiled. The cop's mind began to race with thoughts, his hands now beginning to break sweat.

"1.." a shot was fired.

The End

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