Of one fateful day, I tell a tale,

When a valiant Prince, grew restless and pale.


The hands that ruled, the whole of this world,

Now held a glass slipper, trimmed with gold.


A bit of a puzzle, even somewhat mysterious,

The royal courtiers, were completely curious!


Finally the Prime Minister, walked upto him,

Silently praying, ‘Oh not another whim!’


‘O Lord, O M-M-Master’, he began to stutter,

‘Why are you so forlorn, what is the m-m-matter?


Which son-of-a-gun, has caused you to frown?

Just say the w-word, we will fix the clown!’


The Prince thought wryly, looking at the Minister,

‘Has he no eyes, can he not see the slipper?


Oh what is the point, of telling the Court,

They will simply call, for a majority vote!’


Feeling lonely and wretched, and completely fed-up,

Carefully gripping the slipper, the Prince got up.


Through the pillared halls, he rushed to the garden,

To find his friend, and make light his burden.


‘O where are you, my dependable friend?

Only you will know, how to make this misery end!’


‘A visit from you, in the middle of the day,

And a lady’s slipper, Prince, what is the play?!’


‘Something is driving me, round the bend...’,

‘Ah, I think I can guess, what ails you, my friend!


More deadly than poison, is Cupid’s sharp arrow,

Pray tell me which fair maiden, owns this stiletto?’


‘The slipper’s mistress was, at the dance last night,

She was the show-stopper, Oh what a glorious sight!


But a dash she made, at the stroke of midnight,

Leaving me wondering, and this slipper in mid-flight!


No farewell, no bye, no ‘a wonderful time’,

No opportunity to ask her, ‘Will you be mine?’


Oh where should I look, where will I find,

Loveliest of all lasses, who occupies my mind?’


‘Hold on a minute, hand me over that shoe,

A close inspection, may throw up a clue or two!’


‘Turn this way, my Prince, and carefully see, 

The size of this slipper, is just a small little wee!


You should, in my opinion, declare a prize,

For anyone who finds, fair feet of this size.’


A broad smile then appeared, on the Prince’s face,

Thanks to his buddy, there was still a small chance.


Announcements were made, with the roll of drums,

Out came all women, even those who favoured pumps!


“The Prince will marry, and be devoted forever, 

To the lissome lady, whose feet fit this slipper!” 


The glass and the gold thus, created quite a flutter, 

Hearts missed a beat, toes were softened with butter.


The lady in question, also heard the announcement,

As she went about the task, of cleaning the basement.


Should she claim her Prince, and explain all the bother, 

She was just following the orders, of the Fairy Godmother.


Before the clock struck twelve, she had to return,

But the Prince, she certainly didn’t, mean to spurn. 


She bent her head, in a thousand prayers,

Trembling slightly, she climbed up the stairs.


Her thoughts were interrupted, by a persistent knock,

The Prince’s sentries it seemed, worked round-the-clock! 


The sentries had gone, from kip-to-kip,

Their enthusiasm was now, starting to dip.


Giggling rushed out, Cinderella’s haughty step-sisters,

‘Where is the slipper, that’s giving everyone blisters?


A better pair of feet, you will never come across,

Very soon one of us will, sit next to your boss!’


They had their chance, first one, then the other,

But with those enormous feet, why did they bother?!


The timid Cinderella then, went upto her step-mother,

‘May I try my luck as well, with that glass slipper?’ 


‘Our own poor wench, has Palace Dreams, 

Get outta my sight, and do as you please!’


Imagine the surprise, when it came to pass,

With a slight movement, her foot was in the glass!


She walked back to her cinders, with an air of calm,

And placed the other slipper, into their outstretched palm.


The village elder picked this moment, to shout out a ‘hurrah’,

Not least because, it was the end of the brouhaha.


But also because, their faith was restored,

In the primacy of goodness, and the justice of God.


When the news reached the Prince, he could not wait,

Jumping onto his favourite horse, he cleared the Palace gate.


He wasted no time, with the feet or the slippers,

For Cinderella’s eyes beamed, like neon dippers.


He gathered his lovely, close to his chest,

And thanked the Almighty, before speaking the rest. 


‘Since the night I saw you, I know no peace,

Please promise to never again, play such a tease.


The Palace like my heart, is empty and vast,

Will you fill it up with your, sweet love at last?’


The moist-eyed Cinderella, could only nod in assent, 

So overcome was she with, what all this meant.


But Cinderella’s cruel family, began to wince,

When they saw her in the arms, of the coveted Prince.


But Cinderella was kind, and her sisters, forgave,

Even the stepmom, who always left her to crave.


And so I arrive, at the end of this fairy-tale,

Let’s leave the new love-birds, alone by the dale!


Hand-in-hand they can gaze, at the setting sun,

And look forward to a life, over-flowing with fun. 











The End

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