Cigarette Ends

(Intro part-spoken)
Yeah, like you always said… (I never change)
Oh, you always knew the right way (To change me)

Today I was your cancer.
And we danced under the moon.
I don’t wish to change you.
But you never try.

Today I breathed in smoke.
And I spat out my life.
It’s not about you.
But it never happens.

I’m not thankful. (As I should be)
And I believe you.
I’ll stay away for ever.
Out of your life for good.

I told you your words are wasted.
I said go write a book.
But it’s always raining.
And you said you wished me dead.

I told you I don’t care now.
I said I’ll forget you.
But you always know.
And you said you knew me once.

I’ll lie and lie. (To you, with you)
I hope that you die.
No, you’re killing yourself.
Out of reach forever.

Yeah, like you always said…
(We all die sometimes)

The End

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