Christmas Treats for the Protagonize Family!

Inspired by a present that CassandraMorrow gave me and a few of her friends on Protag, I also thought it would be quite nice if I did the same.
If you're not included, that doesn't mean I don't love you!
Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

Inspired by CassandraMorrow, I've written in hopes of making your Christmas a little bit merrier. What I've written here is what I feel. If you're not included, don't feel bad! I still love you. :D


Aria ~ Eternal

You're always there, to show me the way. Past the pain and past the dark, to a place where happiness can be once more. A sister is what I wished for but you are beyond that. If an angel is a star, then you are my sun. Burning, burning forever.

CassandraMorrow ~ Sacred Oasis

With a vast, never-ending desert that stretches far ahead, I thirst to have a taste of life. Energy. Something to keep me going. Then my sight spots an oasis, deep and beautiful. With its surface sparkling like coated diamonds of blue. You're sacred. You're rare. You are my oasis.

SumnerzAngel Shine

Sharp. Strong. To the core, you are all that can be. A candle that burns to give light to others, to show them the way. Shine forever as your flame will never burn out. After all, you are an angel.

AlegornThe Force

Swing the saber, swing away. Let it take you where you should be. Of wars to be fought, of the skills to be learnt. Let your lightsaber show you the way. Let the force be with you. (Sorry I couldn't resist XD)

CrystalRose ~ Inspire 

There are words at the tip of your hands waiting to be typed, words meant to change, entertain, make someone's day. Inspire people. Make a difference. Be the crystal within the rose that will forever bloom.

Eliza ~ The Girl Behind The Shelf 

One exceptionally boring day, I found myself entering a library. Searching for an interesting book to read, I found a girl sat behind a bookshelf, scribbling away in her notepad. When I asked her what she was doing, she said "I'm writing. Releasing the millions of stories that are contained in my head onto the paper so that one day people will read them". And one day people will. You are one, amazing writer. Don't stop. :)


Again, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year!

The End

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