Christmas Present to My Protagonize Friends!

Here is a quick Christmas present to my Protagonize friends! The idea of giving a gift in this way was inspired by Brandon (myimmortal220), so thank him before you thank me. XD

I wrote a descriptive paragraph about each of you. :) I thought of something that fits each of you best. You'll see what I mean when you read it. 

I wrote only about those with whom I've communicated recently. Otherwise, the list would get too long! :) So don't be offended if you're not on here!

LouisaJo - Sunlight.
Reaching, reaching, reaching down to all who are weary. The sunlight feathers through the air, tickling whatever lies in its path with the thrills of joy and laughter. Though obstacles may stand in the way of sunlight, it will dispel darkness with its whimsical fingers. None who are touched by the sunlight will ever be the same.

LiquidDiamondTears - Silver Lining.
The dark clouds roll in with an ominous clap, and those who see the clouds cower in fear. Yet through it all shines a silver lining, proclaiming hope to all who see it. In the midst of a fallen world, the silver lining declares hope, rest, and truth to those who watch the calm in the storm.

FromTemglinToGolocni - Warrior. 
You have not seen the last of the warrior. Even though outside forces try to pull her down, the warrior stands strong, keeping her step and refusing to be dragged down or overwhelmed. Battle scars are witness to her bravery; and though this warrior has seen hard times, you can see by the way she raises her arms that she will be victorious.

myimmortal220 - Flame of Fire.
From afar off, everyone can see the brightness of the fire. It grows stronger and stronger, revealing its potential in all it does. Passion marks its movement. Bold, unafraid, courageous which none can quench.

Trish - Footprints.
Before, the sand stretched out, vast and neverending. Yet the footprint was left behind, a symbol that will forever leave its mark on that which it was placed. The land which was imprinted with the footprints would never be the same. A lasting monument has been placed.

Xenie - James McAvoy Lover (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!!!).
Ha! She thinks she has James McAvoy. She, too, has fallen for the finest actor that ever walked the face of this earth. Yet not even this James McAvoy Lover is without competition...Sorry, I had to write you as this, Xenie. I couldn't leave this unmentioned XD

Anywho, it's not much of a Christmas present, but there's not much I can really give you to guys! I hope you enjoyed it! And I hope you like your descriptions! :D

I hope your Christmas is just a little bit merrier. :)

The End

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