Christ and Christ-likeness

A solo non-fiction work of theology.

CHRIST AND CHRIST-LIKENESS is an approach to the Christian way of living.  I do not believe it to be in conflict with the origins of our Christian faith.  To the contrary, I believe it may be a return to the original intent of our namesake, Jesus of Nazareth.

In these near two thousand years the Christian Way has defined and expressed itself through a number of "-isms'.  A list of these would include among many others, mystic-ism, institutional-ism, sacramental-ism, fundamental-ism, evangelical-ism, liberal-ism.  All are valid in their way and each have contributed to the meaning and meaningfulness of the faith.  The "-ism" I now unintentionally create will probably be named by one of you after you have read and considered these humble offerings.

Though I would love to organize these thoughts in a well-organized system of well-ordered thoughts, that particular skill seems beyond me.  Instead I shall bring to you an extended series of brief essays that, in the end, will communicate a meaningful cersion of the Christian vision for life.

Many have waged a battle over the truth, what point of view will be victorious and which point of view will be vanquished.  I come not to bring intellectual arms against any other, but rather am merely a soul who paints upon a canvas so that others might behold and consider.


The End

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