Chosen Few

If I was a soul singer...


You were one of the chosen few

Picked by this little heart

You spend so much of your time just tolerating

It can be intoxicating seeing someone actually living

I suppose that was how it was for me



It ain’t love

But it ain’t easy to walk away either

It never is easy to leave your hope behind

You were it

I could see my heaven in your eyes

I could see us defying convention!

Collecting seashells


I still miss you

I miss my old dreams of you

Especially the one where you called me Princess

It had meaning coming from you…

You ran your fingers through my hair like it was silk

And I woke up feeling so pretty



I felt like I had waited so long for you

And you only

Don’t call me over romantic

Cause at one time it was both of us falling

Spiralling out of control

Blissfully unaware that time would wear our wings out

And one of us was headed for a crash landing


The End

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