She had heard the distant rumour of the man who steals girls. She wondered faintly what it would be like to be taken by him. There was no sign ever of blood or struggle. They were probably all still alive. But where and why did he take them? To have sex? To torture horribly? She didn't know why, but she felt a connection to this man without a face. She wanted so badly to be snatched.

She looked out the dark window to the road. No cars were zooming along and no people walking. This was it. She could go out now, maybe he'd be there. She stumbled outside into the blackness of the night and shivered, having forgotten her coat.

She glanced around quickly so if she did see someone, they couldn't be sure whether she had seen them. She gasped to herself quietly. At the end of the path, a single lamp post lit the street dimly where a figure stood.

He was facing towards her, as if watching her every move. His head was bowed low but he would still be able to see her. She tried to act casual as she strolled towards him, pretending she hadn't seen him.

"I know you see me. I see you." His voice called out. She took a sharp breath inwards and stopped in her tracks. A sound came from the figure, like a laugh.

"Hello?" She couldn't think. She couldn't breathe. This was it, he was going to take her.

"Hey, pretty lady. A young thing like you shouldn't be wondering the streets... alone." He chuckled again and shuffled on his feet as if getting ready.

"I want you to take me." She breathed, moving closer to him, he followed suit and took a step.

"I know. I can't have you though. Oh no, you mustn't come with me." She could now see his grimy face under his black hat. His eyes were gleaming as he taunted her.

"I want to. I desperately need you to. Please, take me away." A single tear rolled down her cheek and she brushed it away quickly.

"Why? Do you know what I do? You don't have any idea what I do to those poor girls!" She could hear she had angered him as he stepped backwards. He put a gloved hand to his face, thinking.

"No. I don't know. But, you see, I must find out." She smiled slightly and started going forwards again. "What... What do you do?" She was hesitant to ask but she was going to find out eventually, why not now?

"Anything I want to." He hissed slowly but there was no malicious grin upon his face. "You are going to ask me if I did this to all the other girls, aren't you? Lured them to me with my, well, smooth talk?" He carried on after she had opened her mouth to speak.

"Yes. Did you?" She balled her hands into fists and realised how sweaty they were. She would never usually get nervous...

He ignored her question and turned away, head bowed lower than ever.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" He still didn't face her. She nodded viciously.

"Yes. Yes, I want it." Her breathing got faster and deeper.

"I don't want you to want it." He sighed loudly.

"I do. I can't live my sorry life here anymore. I want to start afresh." She reached to put her hand on his shoulder but hesitated and put her arm back to her side.

"And what would your mother say if she saw you talking to me? What if she could see me... and you... from that window of the house you came out from?"

She slowly looked up to the upstairs window. Sure enough, her mother was staring at the pair, shaking her head in despair.

"She's not going to come and save you. I took the gun from under her bed a few hours ago. She saw me. She knows I would only kill you... faster." He paused before the last word as if opening up the possibility of her surviving. He, too, had now locked eyes with the elderly woman at the window who was crying profusley.

"So, now you have a choice, are you going to come with me, or stay in your sorry life?" He continued, turning away again. He started to walk away from her.

After a few long strides, he heard footsteps of someone running behind him. He stretched out his arm in a gentleman way and she took it in hers.

 She whispered in his ear:  "I'm coming with you."

The End

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