I used to always be a breakfast kind of girl, as I was always so busy. I just couldn’t leave the house in the morning with out something and a cuppa. As I wouldn’t always get the chance to have lunch so breakie was real important, keep me going till late.

I was always Weetabix or porridge in the winter. Think probably the same thing for years. But then I kinda went off the whole breakfast thing, and started eating a piece of fruit on the way to work. And that habit has stuck for the last few months. I would nibble on my daughters favourite cereal, which were chocolate hazelnut pillows. Ok I know not so healthy for breakfast but they were quite addictive as just a quick grab some and fill a hole kinda way. But we don’t eat them any more.

But the other day I was out shopping, and came to this huge display of CHEERIOS, so I bought some. Thinking my daughter still likes them.

But what is it about those little ‘O’ that I just cant leave them alone? At least for the weekend anyway.

The End

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