Chasing the Mean

Though, I often find myself disillusioned by the world and the relative shallowness of the majority of its inhabitants – I also take great pleasure in some of the objects and the activities that they enjoy. That is not to say that I wholly embrace the content of these machinations – and in doing so adopt the particular beliefs communicated through them – but rather, that I understand their connection to the very carnal nature of human understanding. These objects, ideas, and activities express a very coarse and unfiltered portrait of the human mind; they illustrate the concepts that are wildly conveyed by the general population. The beauty of these beliefs is in their rawness. The fact that the very people who hold these beliefs in the highest regard are unaware of their significance further highlights this point.

         These objects – when joined by those intellectual pursuits reserved for only a fraction of the population – provide the clearest representation of the human soul. They underscore the one-dimensionality of the masses by demonstrating that – at its very root – this lack of depth is a fundamental component of our understanding. For you see, would those few individuals – gifted with an above average cognitive capacity – be able to so effectively inquire as to the majority, without their presence? Needless to say, they would not.

The End

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