Chasing Shadows.

thoughts on "boy wonder", who I love.

I fell in love with a boy.  He filled me with wonder.  Wondering, how on Earth he would make it in this world.  


If he were a child, I imagine he would be  one of those children parents put on a leash.  

A child who would wander off, following his shadow until the midday sun rose and it disappeared beneath him.  But he wouldn't cry when he finally looked up and saw he was in a new place.  He would probably stand and wait, wait until the sun passed over, and his shadow passed back to the other side.  Then he would follow it again; back to where he had come from.

While his mother fretted, "where have you been?"  In serene stillness, with the naivety of a child, he would tell her of the place he went to, the pretty things he saw there.  

Of course, parents don't think in such terms.


I felt like the parent.  I wanted to keep him close, I wanted to keep him safe; and yet I saw, this was not possible.  

He will always come back to me though.


The End

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