Was inspired to make this by my friend, Randomnese.

Name: Trinity Alessandra Conner

Nickname(s): Tina, Trina, Tri---old pet name her parents call her, especially her father before he was in a car accident

Names meaning: Middle name was her mothers’ mothers’ name

Birthday:  November 13 1996 (17) 

Occupation(s): Working at family owned bakery (Alessandra’s Baked Goods)


Eye color: hazel, mostly brown

Hair color: ink black

Skin color: medium toned, olive

Build: average, medium size

Height: 5’6

Weight: 130 lbs

Other physical features: unruly, wavy, thick, hair that hangs down to the bottom of her spine. She refuses to straighten it and normally wears it down or in a low, loose scrunchy.  

Ethnic History: ¼ Italian, her mothers’ mother emigrated from Italy. Her father is from a long lineage of Louisiana folk, mostly Cajun.    

Feelings Towards appearance: Nothing special. Doesn’t freak out over her appearance like most teen girls. Even though she feels jealous of her friend Elizabeth’s beauty.


Personality: Neither outgoing nor shy, but tends to be quiet during class. Not book smart, but makes up for it in grit, and can sacrifice school work for more important causes, such as helping with the family income to pay for her fathers medical bills. Spunky and eccentric. Good sense of humor. She tries to never feel sorry for herself, as she considers it to be “anti-productive”. Doesn’t feel the need for many close relationships from her belief that the less she invests her happiness in others, the less she’ll lose if she loses them.  



History:  She was born and raised in Mandeville, by her father Robert Conner. He was a cop so when he was at work, she would stay at her friend Elizabeth’s’ house. Her mother had struggled with schizophrenia her whole life, when she met Trinities father, she was in remission. They got married and had Trinity. A year later she had a deep relapse and had to go to a mental hospital, her dad tried to make her stay, but her episodes were becoming more frequent and long. Her father was honest in telling her that her mom may never come back. Every year for her birthday he would buy her two gifts and say one was from her mom. When she was seven she got her cat, Gidget and when she was nine she got a journal. She used the journal to write poetry, as a diary and to keep her sketches. Eventually she found out that the gifts weren’t from her mother. When Trinity was eleven, her mom came back home. At first she didn’t trust her and was mad at her for leaving. Her mom opened a bakery and named it after her own mother. Then, a year later, her dad was in a car chase accident. He became totally paralyzed with little brain function. Trinity felt abandoned and angry. After a while, she was able to pull her life back together, start trusting her mom, help with the bakery and go back to school.


Education: In Junior year at Mandeville High  


Where do/have they live(d): Mandeville, Louisiana her whole life, in the same small house


Religion: Atheist. She was raised to be Christian of no particular domination by her father but stopped believing after some hardships she went through. 


Parental Relationships: Was close to her father before he was in a car accident. Distant with her mother sense the accident.

Siblings: None

Pets: Gidget, her Persian Russian blue cat mix, ten years old

Enemies? Why?: None.

Best Friend(s): Elizabeth Campbell

Friend(s): (more like acquaintances)---Darien, Hannah, Marcus, Jessica


Health: slightly depressed, at risk for schizophrenia

Habits: People watching in public, fantasizing what their life must be like


Way of Speaking: Southern accent


Describe Room: Walls are turquoise. Posters of her favorite bands on the walls. Painted her favorite quote above her bed: “Carry On”-Fun. Bookshelves crammed with poetry and stories. Keeps her journal on her bedside table. Pin board covered in drawings and her favorite poems she ripped out of poetry books. Cat bed on the floor. 

Neat/Messy: neat, but not perfect


Financial: Poor. Spends most of families’ meager income from bakery on her fathers’ treatments.


Smokes: no

Drinks: no

Drugs: no


Strengths: Gritty and mature. Helpful, independent. Artistic. Good sense of humor. A lot sweeter then she may seem at first. Protective and loyal to those she loves. Baking. Stands up for herself and others. Comfortable in her own skin, unique. Refuses to conform to the norm.


Weaknesses: Distant. Very opinionated, doesn’t like listening to authority and somewhat rebellious when she doesn’t agree with their morals and/or reason---which happens a lot. High guilt complex about her father. Judgmental to others especially when they show weakness. Prideful and doesn’t like asking for help when she needs it. Takes a lot for someone to gain her trust. Acting. Extremely spunky. Trouble expressing affection to the few she’s close to.  


Best subject(s) in school:  English, World History

Worst subject(s): P.E.


Fitness: None


Likes: Cats, being alone, books, art, turquoise

Dislikes: Dogs, arrogant people, exercise, big groups of people, injustice, sappy movies or books, Valentines Day


Favorite Band(s): Fun, Marroon5

Favorite Foods: Anything spicy, seafood

Favorite Drinks: Not specified


Hobbies: Writing excerpts of her life in her journal, sketching, reading, poems, baking

Values: Strength, honesty, respectfulness, maturity, achievements


Thoughts about love: Only if she finds someone who can live up to her expectations, which will probably never, happen. Doesn’t care as much about looks as personality. Thinks 99% of guys are incurably immature and obnoxious. Besides, relationships are unimportant and it’s a waste of effort to make something so fragile.


View of Future: Dream is to go to a culinary college in New York, even though she probably will never afford it.


The End

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