Shale Amsalu Amde

Shale Amsalu Amde: Secondary Protagonist

Shale handles most public activities for the Lorrekin gang (distracting guards and such). He is 21 years old and Ethiopian in origin.

1. Shale lost part of his left leg in a tribal conflict when he was a child.

2. He has a small dog named Thembi who is missing an eye.

3. He loves to pull pranks and cause trouble. Occasionally Yue or Radha partners up with him.

4. He likes to nickname people, especially Yue since he knows it annoys her.

5. He stowed away on board a cargo ship to get to the US.

6. His favorite genre is sci-fi, preferably the funny kind.

7. He has a bad habit of interrupting people.

8. He loves bright colors and geometric patterns, particularly triangles for some reason he refuses to tell.

9. He worked as a pickpocket before the group was formed.

10. He likes to tell stories. His favorite kind to tell are ghost stories.

11. He lived in the warehouse as a thief and introduced it to his new friends as a group home.

12. He has three younger siblings who he misses desperately.

13. His greatest fear is war.

14. The scar on his cheek is from being bullied back home by the other kids (because he couldn't walk without a support and therefore couldn't play sports or work, he was a frequent target).

15. He and Radha have a sort-of relationship that's kind of hard to define.

The End

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