Radha Toor

Radha Toor: Secondary Protagonist

Radha is the muscle of the Serafino gang. She is 22, having come to New York from India when she was around 16.

1. She speaks several languages, but tends to revert to Hindi when frustrated or upset.

2. She is secretly a talented seamstress.

3. She always wears an Indian sash that her mother made.

4. Her favorite drink is beer, although she rarely drinks enough to be intoxicated.

5. She came over to the United States with a British family that she was working for.

6. She is an orphan; her parents died in an accident when she was 8.

7. She is usually the "gentle giant" type, but watch out. Radha does have a rougher side, and woe to those who bring it out.

8. She swears the most out of the Lorrekins, though it's mostly in other languages. It got to the point where Maureen had to make a swear jar.

9. She is often broke from paying the swear jar, so she works occasionally serving drinks at the bar near the warehouse (an abandoned textile mill where the gang has taken up residence).

10. Many things in her room are broken from when she takes out her anger on them.

11. Radha loves animals, especially ducks.

12. Her favorite book is The Outsiders, and she likes to think about the gang's similarities to the various characters.

13. She has a large and elaborate tattoo on his back depicting Ganesh, the Hindu god of success.

14. Her closest friend is Shale Amsalu Amde, another gang member.

15. The two of them frequently climb together, with Radha supporting her friend on his bad side. (That will be resolved in the next page.)

[Yes, Amir Gautami, male, is now Radha Toor, female. My reasoning: why not?]

The End

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