Yue Xifeng

Yue Xifeng: Secondary Protagonist

Yue Xifeng is the burglar for the Lorrekin gang. She is a 21 year old Chinese girl.

1. Yue has two nicknames: Hey You, coined by her friend Shale since Yue is similar to You (she hates it); and Bumblebee, because she likes the color yellow and wears mostly black.

2. She is an aromantic asexual, meaning she does not really feel romantic or sexual attraction to anyone.

3. She bakes a mean apple pie.

4. When she sleeps, one eye is always open.

5. Yue once worked as a pickpocket.

6. During this period of her life, she and Regina became good friends. They are still on speaking terms.

7. Secretly, Yue loves dancing.

8. Her uncle taught martial arts classes, and he was the one who taught her how to be silent and sneaky.

9. Her favorite book is The Wizard of Oz.

10. She wakes up a little early every morning to fix her hair (it's spiked over one side).

11. She likes foggy weather best.

12. If Andy's planning a prank, she's almost always in on it.

13. While Josh (a former member of the group) was still around, the two were close. Since they were pretty much polar opposites, the others thought this was pretty funny.

14. When stressed or nervous, she bites her fingers- never enough to draw blood, but enough that it stings and distracts her from the situation.

15. She likes the taste of spicy food, much to the horror of Andy.

The End

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