Maureen O'Connell

Maureen O'Connell: Secondary Protagonist

Maureen is the planner of the Lorrekin gang and Andy's second-in-command. She's 20 years old and immigrated to the US from Ireland. She is the sister of Saoirse O'Connell, who was killed by Kyber.

1. Maureen is not to be spoken to until she has had a cup of coffee.

2. She loves rock music.

3. She has depression and suicidal tendencies brought on by the death of her sister. Her friends are trying to help her work through it.

4. She prefers to have her hair tied back in a ponytail.

5. Maureen has a special passion for tinkering with mechanical objects. She always has her utility belt and her workbench is covered in scrap metal.

6. She snores.

7. She is easily distracted by her machinery and it's very difficult to drag her out of deep focus mode.

8. She works part-time playing the guitar at a local bar in order to earn extra cash.

9. Pencils get easily lost in her hair.

10. She and Andy met in a rather movie-like way: they bumped into each other on a street corner.

11. She wants to go back to school someday so she can become a mechanic.

12. The scar on her cheek is from a little accident with an exploding stereo.

13. She wears a lot of striped clothing.

14. Maureen is terrified of guns.

15. Give her a puzzle or brain teaser and she'll be in deep focus mode for days.

The End

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