Regina Serafino

Regina Serafino: Important, Fairly Neutral Party

Regina Serafino works as a jack-of-all-trades for the Serafino crime family. She is 23 years old and of Italian descent. Regina works closely with Kyber, her friend and mob partner, and is closely involved in Andy's kidnapping. But she is starting to have second thoughts...

1. Her original name was Reggie Simonetta. (That's right- Regina is transgender.)

2. She has a passion for old movies, especially Westerns.

3. She takes 3 sugars in both coffee and tea.

4. The large burn scars running across her upper body are from her abusive father. She doesn't feel any shame over the scars; in fact, she only wears sleeveless shirts in order for them to be seen.

5. She finished college when she was 20.

6. She has a habit of rubbing her collarbone.

7. Regina is interested in history.

8. After she leaves the kidnapping situation, she goes back to her previous line of work (that of a freelance smuggler). 

9. Orchids are her favorite flower.

10. She prefers it when things are neatly organized.

11. Her greatest fear is being physically attacked.

12. She enjoys the appearance of food more than the food itself.

13. Regina considers herself an atheist.

14. Her favorite TV show is The Rifleman.

15. She is demisexual, meaning she only feels sexual attraction towards someone if they share a close emotional bond.

[I have an inordinately strong amount of love for Regina.]

The End

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