Kyber Serafino

Kyber Serafino: Main Antagonist

Kyber works as a jack-of-all-trades for the Serafino crime family. He is 20 years old and was born in Italy. He falls in love with Andy (even though they are bitter enemies) and ends up kidnapping him to see what can be done about being an enemy...

1. He plays classical piano, though this skill is mostly kept to himself.

2. His real name is Azelio Mortara. He changed it upon joining up with the Serafinos.

3. If he's sharing a meal with someone, he tends to stare at them.

4. He has a small gold stud in his right ear.

5. Kyber also enjoys messing with people, although differently than Andy; Andy likes pranks, Kyber likes manipulation.

6. He has a very significant habit of crossing his fingers when thinking or in trouble.

7. His favorite part of mob life is the power.

8. He used to have a rabbit named Marion when he was a little boy.

9. Kyber enjoys doing laundry.

10. He reads mostly mysteries with a dash of science fiction.

11. He and Regina (his closest friend) met when he was sent to eliminate her for smuggling right under the Serafinos' noses.

12. Although he doesn't know it, he has a younger sister named Grace.

13. After the main story events, he traveled the country, playing the piano to get by. He eventually joined up with another crime family in California, where he went back to his real name.

14. He gave Andy a good amount of his scars.

15. His first lie was when he was five and his aunt asked him if he'd cleaned his room yet. After that, he practiced lying, enjoying the sensation of knowing something that someone else didn't.

The End

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