Alice Fisher

Alice, being an Angel is immortal, and is currently 27 million years old. Dispite this, she appears to be around 25-30 years of age.

She is a fairly average height, standing at 5ft 4. She is flat chested and quite slim. Her soft, flawless skin appears 'as white as winter' apart from her cheeck which are always rosy. She has a long face with a pointed chin. Her nose is button-like and her mouth is red, usually in a grin. Her teeth are sharp and fang-like. Her hands are small and elegant looking, but the palms are quite rought and the nails are broken.

Her eye colour changes sometimes, but usually they are a piercing electric blue. When the Devil is taking over, her eyes turn red. When she is Sins they turn black. Her voice is like a melody when she speaks, unless she is shouting when it is very harsh. Usually she looks at people in a sideways galnce.

Alice's style is seen as strange and unique. Even during the winter she wears tank top and very short denim shorts. She likes to wear finger-less gloves and a black trilby hat. She also wears large black boots and fishnet tights.


The End

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