Character Database

A collection of my own characters.

Bella Gold:

Status: Immortal

Age: Physical=23 Actual=501

Appearance: Skin grey and cracked, looking similar to a sheet of burnt paper. Layered, firey red hair, down to her waist. A pair of teal blue eyes, which are narrow and misty. Ruby red lips. Tall and slender, delicate features, but she is still fairly strong.

Personality: Tough. Can have a firey temper. She is brave and fights for what she belives in. Quiet, likes being alone. Chooses friends carefully. Says that actions speak louder than words.

Other: Live in a little wooden shack beside a stream, where she lided her whole life. She has never fallen in love. She wants to have the perfect first kiss. only has one best friend.

The End

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