Character Construction (Novel Plans)

this is some of my characters and their info for my novel plans i need to choose 5 main characters to complete the stage 'character construction'. these arn't the only charcters but i cbb putting all of them on

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Character Construction – ideas (1)

Feanna Craddleton

Female_5ft3”_29 years old_very bubbly_journalist_lives in Wolverhampton

James Cooling

Male_6ft1”_19 years old_not sociable_fireman in training_lives in Tockworth city in Liverpool.

Gabby Cooling

Female_4ft_13 years old_James’ sister_very bossy_student at pumling high_wants to be a author_lives in Liverpool

Davina Rebburn

Female_4ft11”_21 years old_extatic and fun personality_dance teacher at Quail dance theatre_lives in Wolverhampton_Feanna’s best friend

Leon Rebburn

Male_6ft_22 years old_boring- work aholic_architect business man_Davina’s husband_lives with Davina in Wolverhampton

Bill Lightfoot

Male_6ft2”_82 years old_very wise and humerous_retired builders/solier_lives in Manchester.

Gary Lightfoot

Male_82 years old_5ft11”_very depressed + naggy _Bill’s twin_retired policeman_lives in Manchester.

Samantha Burnered

Female_29 years old_5ft_nicey nicey, practical_ Bill + Gary’s carer_lives just outside Manchester

Corrin Beachmore

Female_4ft_12 years_bossy and obsessive_student at Coleteam high school_lives next door to Bill and Gary.

Gerry Macklebie

Male_52 years old_6ft_serious father,loving husband_lawyer_lives in Cardiff

Dianne Macklebie

Female_50 years old_4ft6”_wife to Gerry_busy mother_owns a small sewing business_lives with Gerry.

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