Chamber of Secrets Episode OneMature

This is a soap opera based on Harry Potter.

Woeful Wizards Chamber of Secrets Episode One

Scene 1

Harry is sitting in his bedroom, writing in a diary. It appears to be night.

Harry: (voiceover accompanied with dramatic music) It is day 73 of my entrapment. As I lie here at night, cold and afraid, I can only just remember that tragic day, day number (long dramatic pause) one.

Flashback to Vernon Dursley from Harry's view

Vernon: Just don't perform magic in front of people and don't tell them that you're a wizard.


Back to Harry in his room.

Harry: (still voiceover) Ever since I put up that banner, "I am a wizard", on my window, I've had a bars attached to it so I cannot leave this hellhole. Uncle Vernon says if I just don't do put the banner up but I cannot, swivel, will not let him restrict my freedom like that. I still can’t get what Dobby told me out of my head though, “Harry Potter mustn’t go back to Hogwarts.” But it’s like the song. I have to.

Ron and the twins appear outside Harry's window. Happy music.

Ron: (s) Harry!

Harry looks around, puzzled.

Ron: (s and yelling) HARRY!

George: (s) He can’t hear you.

Fred: (touches window and looks up, horrified) The glass’s bullet… and sound proof too.

Ron: (s) My best friend… trapped (s) FOREVER.

George: Or we could just open the window.

Fred opens the window.

Ron: (s) But the bars…

Fred: Are made of (s) play-dough.

Dramatic music. Fred and George take off bars

Ron: (s) I’m finally going to be reunited with my best friend!

Harry: (s) Did I just hear a (s) swivel? Ron, is that you?

Ron: (s) Harry!

Harry: (s) Ron!

They rush into each other’s arms, holding each other tightly. Soppy music plays. Harry and Ron both breathe deeply, inhaling each other’s scent.

Harry: (slightly muffled by Ron’s jumper) You smell good.

Ron: Shh…

George: (s) I hear footsteps approaching.

Fred: (s) On our privacy they do be encroaching.

Fred and George leave

Harry: I’ll starting packing then?

Ron: Don’t let go just yet.

Scene 2:

Malfoy and the gang are all on the bedroom floor, obviously at a sleepover.

Malfoy: (s) So, Goyle, truth… or dare?

Goyle: Uh… dare

Malfoy: I dare you to kiss…

Crabbe looks hopeful

Malfoy: … Dobby.

Everyone looks disgusted. Dramatic music.

Scene 3:

Harry, Ron and the twins are in a car, with some “clouds” at the window.

Harry: I can’t believe we’re flying!

George: Our father did create this wondrous flying car.

Fred: But it can’t go very far.

Ron: Sandwich?

Harry: (s) Of course.

Harry eats the sandwich without breaking eye contact with Ron.

George: We have arrived in our house

Fred: Now we must be as quiet as a mouse.


Ron: (s) Oh dear.

Scene 4

At Malfoy’s sleepover.

Goyle: So (s), Crabbe, truth… or dare?

Crabbe: Uh… truth.

Goyle: Do you ever fancy (s) Hermione Granger?

Crabbe: (s) What? A girl? Eww…

Malfoy: Yeah, mudbloods are gross.

Crabbe: Yeah… mudbloods.

Scene 5

At the Burrow. Molly is red in the face and inhaling an exhaling deeply. Harry, Ron and the twins are

Molly: Don’t (breath) ever (breath) do (breath) that (breath) again.

Fred: Our poor sweet old mother.

George: We’re sorry we’re such a bother.

Fred & George: NOT.

The twins rush off stage.

Molly: Oh, and welcome Harry. Now, (glowers slightly) eat.

Harry: (s) But I couldn’t possibly…

Molly: (looking like the mistress of Satan) EAT.

Harry sits down at table. Ginny, looking like a bag lady, enters.

Ron:(s) Ginny! I’d like you to meet (s towards Harry) Harry Potter.

Ginny freezes. Harry wiggles his eyebrows.

Harry: (s) Enchanté.

Harry kisses Ginny’s hand. Ginny stays still for a moment, and then bolts out of the kitchen.

Ron: Sorry, my sister’s not usually this (s) shy.

Harry: (s) I forgive you.

Ron: (s) Apology accepted.

Harry and Ron stare intensely into each other’s eyes.

Scene 6

At King’s Cross Station. Harry and the Weasley’s are just outside the barrier.

Molly: We’ll just leave you guys unsupervised again, okay?

The Weasley’s disappear.

Ron: (s) Shall we hold hands?

Harry: (s) I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Harry and Ron step forward and then look puzzled.

Ron: (s) The barrier…

Harry: (s) … it’s blocked

Harry and Ron both fall to their knees and start sobbing. Dramatic music.

Scene 7

In Hogwarts Express compartment. Hermione is sitting by herself, reading. Malfoy and gang enter.

Malfoy: (s) I thought I smelt something.

Hermione: (s) Go away, Malfoy.

Malfoy: (quietly to Hermione) Now we both know you don’t want that.

Neville enters smoking.

Neville: Huh.

Goyle: (s) Come to tell us to shove off, Longbottom?

Neville: No.

Crabbe: (s) Have it your way then. Come on, Draco.

Malfoy: But… yeah, let’s leave. (s) I wouldn’t be seen dead with Granger anyway.

Malfoy and the gang leave

Hermione: (s) What do you want?

Neville: Whatever.

Scene 8:

Harry and Ron are both on the floor at King’s Cross Station, bawling their eyes out.

Ron: (standing up and s) Hey, I have an idea!

Harry: (stands up and enthusiastic s) What?

Ron: We should use (s) the flying car.

Harry: (Gasps) That’s a great idea! (s) Let’s go!

Sign pops up “brief interlude”. Harry and Ron are sitting in the car, “flying”

Harry: Ron…

Ron: Yeah…

 Harry: (s) We forgot to feed each other food!

Ron: What?

Harry: (s) That thing that we do

Ron: Harry, (s) we did that already. Remember, the sandwich? (Pause) Harry, (s) are you feeling okay?

Harry:  (s) I always feel okay when I’m with you.

Harry and Ron stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Soppy music.

Scene 9:

At the Gryffindor’s table. Hermione, Ginny and Neville, still smoking, are all eating the Great Feast (is it Grand? Damn I’ve forgotten)

Hermione: (s) Where’s Ron?

Ginny: (mumbles)… Harry.

Malfoy and the gang enter

Malfoy: (s) Looking for me, sweetheart?

Hermione: (s and yells) GET LOST MALFOY.

Hermione throws something at Malfoy.

Malfoy: (s) You’ll pay for this, Granger.

Malfoy and the gang leave.

Neville: Huh.

Harry and Ron strut in.

Harry: (s) Don’t worry Neville. (s) I’m here to protect you.

Ron: (puts hands on hips and s) And I also.

Hermione gets up and runs to hug both Harry and Ron.

Harry: (s) I missed you, Hermione.

Hermione: (s) And I missed you too, Harry. You too (s) Ron.

Ron: (s) Really?

Hermione and Ron stare into each other’s eyes. Harry picks up some food and starts eating.

Harry: This is good.

Dumbledore struts in.

Dumbledore: Everyone, (s) take your seats.

They sit.

Dumbledore: Okay, so, (hair toss) I know everyone is real excited for the new school year.


Dumbledore: Awesome. But I must warn you (s), something wicked this way comes.

Thunder and lightning.


The End

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