Always Away In My Heart

Here I hand you a flower, over there I hand you my heart, come nearer to handle my feelings, go farther to handle my ghost.

Stay where you are to see your surroundings, stay far so your shadow explores, stay exactly as you are at this moment: forgotten and forever alone.

Feel free to cry your surrender, feel tired to know I am gone, feel sorrow at knowing I have moved on--but feel happy that it took me this long.

Never smile at a broken window, never look upon a sunny sky, never put up your finger to interrupt me, never let go of my heart.

Always know that I love you. Always know that I care. Always know we won't be together, but always know I wish we were.

Summers are cooler than the winters that we weathered away alone, summers should tell you a story, summers should make you lonely--for the only summer girl you've ever known.

And if you could find any better words, please speak them out to the sky. If you know a better retelling of our story, nearly as hopeless as the Romeo and Juliet of modern times.

Feel all the summers, Stay in my memories, Never forget the shores of our love as it slumbers-- Always away in my heart.

The End

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