Addicted to Pain

Are you addicted to pain?
Because I give you words like daggers,
I give you silence strong as poison,
And I waste none of my time on you.

Why do you keep coming back to me?
Are you looking for a way to get hurt?
I told you I needed my space,
Yet you come back asking for more.

I can't hate you, cause that is an emotion,
And for you I want to feel nothing--uninterested.
Just stay the Hell away from me,
And trust me, we'll both be happy.

Don't call me in the middle of the night
To tell me that you still care for me,
Cause frankly I could care less,
Why don't you find a hobby or something that will make you forget me?

I told you before how I cared,
And trust me, you had your chance,
The first time was all your fault, the second was mine,
What the Hell would a third one be?

Just leave and let die,
Don't text your sad stories,
Unless you want to be known
As that stalker who wouldn't leave me be.

These are my words of warning,
These are the words that show I don't care,
These are the words that should tell you--
I'd rather be alone forever, than to be with you ever again.

The End

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