Do You Know Me?-A Dialogue

"Do you know me?"


"Wait, don't answer!"

"Why not?"

"Just don't, please."

"I can try."

"No, you can't."

"I can."

"No one knows me, how could you?"

"I am good at reading people."

"Ha! I am sure you are, but I am not people, I am--"


"How so?"

"Your shining eyes make me think about nothing, but thoughts of you."

"Now you are being far too clever."

"Why would you think such a thing?"

"How can simply my eyes leave you polluted with thoughts of me?"

"I never said polluted--"

"Intoxicated, polluted--same thing."

"Not particularly--"

"You are driving me off course, remember the question I asked?"

"Yes, do I know you. Well, I do."

"No one does."

"You like to sit on the porch to watch the night come--"

"Lalala, I can't hear you!"

"--your favorite colour is purple and your favorite animal is a cat."

"Frisky little things."

"I know a lot about you."

"Please, please be quiet."


"No one knows me."

"I am No One."

"You must be then."

"I guess, you can also say that No One loves you."

"There you go again, making me blush."

"No one makes you blush like No One does."

"Then I will ask once more."


"Do you know me?"

"I know you, and I know how to love you."

The End

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