Caterpillar Blues

This is a set of lyrics I wrote for a "Women in the Arts" class I took a while back. Though, technically, it could pass for a poem (especially seeing as ages later I still haven't put it to music).
The assignment was to create an original piece in the style of a female artist of your choice. I went with Vashti Bunyan and not only chose themes that are prevalent in her music, but also had the audacity to use a line of hers toward the end (to pay homage, not to steal it).

Caterpillar catechism, teach my angel ways.
In darkness, she looks not for love.
In darkness, she needs taste.
I've seen her with her ruffled wings,
Her tired little face.

But my baby gleams in her T-shirt and jeans,
It is laundry day and she's out on parade.
And my baby screams like I'm poison that streams
Through her veins and I will not give way.
It seems that we will not give way.

It's just another diamond day.
Caterpillars scatter, play.
Go forward toward your chance to mate.
They ask of my desired date.
I tell them of my feathered friend,
Who needs a lover near the end.
It's bloody-lovely to pretend.

But it's just another diamond day,
and I'm just a blade of grass.

The End

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