Touched by Another World

It comes again. This time, the feeling fills my heart and then vanishes. I am just rising from sleep, and my eyes land upon the smooth white of my sheets. Then the feeling blooms momentarily.

An entire civilization shows against the backs of my eyes, and in a split second I feel the uplifting sensation of living in a world of peace without money, religion, or rulers. And in the next slice of lingering life in this fading moment of peace, I feel the utter freedom and excitement of running a steep path around the curve of a towering skyscraper, my hand clasped in another's as we escape to a place of beauty, high above the sun-touched city.

I let out the uplifting breath and let my feet touch the rough carpet. That was certainly not a memory, and yet, it came with the touch of truth. Why dream of such worlds when I remain firmly in this one?

I stand up and prepare for school.

The End

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