Escape Ruined

 I realised they weren't going to let me go. 'Damn, this' i said to myself...well i mumbled, they heard me, but didn't make it out. I was thinking up of a plan when i hear police sirens in the street, the 'Kidnappers' looked at me suspiciously. They went  past and they sighed (Happy for the escape of getting into jail i thought). My plan was building in y brain, slowly but, still buliding. I felt my ummy rumble, 'Uh Oh' i thought, im hungry, i now was craving, a bag of Crunchies crisps and a carton of Juice For Life. They heard my belly rumbling and they threw me a bag of Munchers Crunchers bag of crisps, not particulary my fave but they will do. I struggled to open the packet, seeing as my hands were tied together, and my mouth was taped shut. 'Excuse me, i kinda need help' i mumbled through the tape. Bill looked at me and ripped the bag open and untied my hands so i could pull the tape off to eat.

I had munched on the crisps and now was de-hydrated and my tounge was dry, well i could last till my great escape! Now my plan was to wait till Bill and whoever was asleep and then kick them in their faces, and run off, yes, sound good, thought so. My mouth was still untaped and my hands were still untied. My legs weren't tied full stop. I couldn't get away anyway because they were guarding the only exit. I am going to run out, screaming help when i was halfway down the street! Great...The 'Kidnappers' were dosing off against the cold, damp wall. I quickly went to kick them when...Bill woke up just as my foot was inches from his drooling face. My ' Great Escape' was ruined.

The End

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