Walking through the street back home from school, i was thinking about why my dreams could of stopped all of a sudden...Well thats all i'd been thinking about really. I noticed rarley few children were on the streets after school like they normaly were, or walking back...'Probably at after school clubs' i said to myself, not worrying. Then out of the blues, these two men came rushing towards me, they wore thick black jackets, black trousers, and black boots, also a black gag that covered their faces and heads leaving eye room and nose room. They looked the typical film robbers, or kidnappers, cheesy and fake. One grabbed my right arm, pinching, the other grabbed my left arm, even harder. 'Hey, let go of me you freaks!!' I cried in the middle of the street, not many lookers, so just incase they dragged me around a alleyway corner, into the dark depths of the alleyway. I thought, this has to be me dreaming or, a joke. I looked around for sniggering watchers, or cameras filiming,non.

I yelled out, but they clamped duck tape around my mouth. Finaly one of them husked a few words 'Shut the hell up boy' The one that had deep brown eyes, said. 'Muuummmmaaaamh' I Mumbled through the painfully stuck tape. 'Oi, Bill, we shouldn't o' done 'dis, whats he done t' us?' The one with they bright light blue eyes, said. 'Nuthin' but i dunno, might have some, cash on him, heard he was wealthy' Replied the so called Bill. 'Ohhhh come on, of course im wealthy i have a a stash of 50 quid in my bag' I thought to myself. 'Hey you kid, got any money on ya?' Bill asked, rather rudley. Wait,let me think about this, if i said yes, they might leave me alone and i can run home and tell my mom and she can call the police or, they might let me go but tell me to meet them with more... If i say no, they might kill me....I nodded my head in answer, i pointed my head to my bag perched on the ground. 'Taar' Bill replied, reaching for my bag and riffling through it. He pulled out the wad of £50.

The End

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