Gaining Friendship Points

An idea popped in my head during lesson, All i could think about was that, so basically i didn't half pay attention! As i rushed a goodbye to my mates i ran home. Slammed the front door and ran upstairs, not even bothering to call a hello to mum. I scanned the room for my DXI2000 and found my location, bedside table.

I grabbed it and switched it on, the bright light shone in my eyes blinding me for a second. I played for 5 hours running. I went to bed and knew i was going to have that dream again. I did. The dream was different. The house seemed much huger than 'normal', i seemed much smaller than 'normal'. I ran round the house, through long, never ending corridors to find the room i was looking frantically for. The friendship room. I was in the exact same corridor as the Friendship room, when i heard a loud, sad, echoing voice, it sounded familiar, i knew whose voice it was, it was my moms. She was calling 'John? Johnathan...where are you, where am i?' Immediatley i decided to find her, but then i remembered my mission, i forgot about her voice and made my way to the room. As i reached the door the 3 guards let me in and a shock to my expectation, the room was much bigger on the inside than the outside. The ceiling was raised higher than a giant and the floor strectched for miles. Right at the end of the room was a golden friendship ticket. I knew that this dream was a game, but i was the character playing, any booby-traps could be lurking in this humoungous room. I set about, I had to earn enough Friendship points to get the ticket. I jumped, leaped, flew, and cryed to earn as many blood, sweat and teary points as i could. In the end i got the ticket and held it high in the air, sweat dripping precariously onto the floor.

I wanted to save my mom but i was too late...I woke up with a start and looked at the time on my alarm. It was 5.00am in the morning, i didn't have to wake up for another 3 hours, 8.00am so i drifted off into another sleep, but not the dream!

The End

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