On the way home i felt someone behind me...Footsteps, not one pair but 3, the pace was fast, but i was faster. I turned round, just before they crashed into me, whoever they were. My eyes were shocked at what i'd seen, it was Bill, Tom and Jess. 'Ahhh, What are you doing here, you dont live anywhere near me!' I yelled in shock. 'Well, Well, Well, John, we've got something to say...Thanks for ruining our cool reputation, by showing all your 'real' friends your new DXI2000 and having the need to tell them we haven't got it yet!' they shouted at me in the middle of Julins Street. 'Weeell, sooorrr-yyy, but its not my fault you guys havent got it yet' I said blinking constantly like nothing was bothering me, when really, deep inside, it was, I felt like i had tresspassed out friendship, but on the outside i was normal.

That night when i was in bed playing on my new DXI2000 when i heard mom shout ' Beeeed tiime john' up the echoing stair well, at 11.30pm. 'OooK mom' I called back. I sighed and switched my game off and placed it on the bedside table. I flopped into bed and fell into a dreamy sleep. I had the same dream again. But in the dream. Bill,Tom and Jess were big looming gaurds, apparently guarding the room to our friendship from tresspassers! I yelled at them, its me john, but they would'nt listen. I felt captured in my dreams, Captured all the time, not being able to get out of my own home!

The next morning i woke up really tired, because i had a restless night. That day at school, I decided to appologise for what i did and asked can our friendship be together again. They said they would see, but had a big smirk on their faces, I was happy that i'd done the right thing, but only because of my dream, i wanted to feel safe of one thing in my bewildering dream!

The End

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