Jumping Monkeys

The game was called Jumping Monkeys, its really quite great...and addictive, its where you have to get the monkeys to jump through different courses to get from 1 island to another. I have reached level 2 but level 1 took me hours!

That dream was different but the same as the other one, but this time i was captured on a island in the middle of my big bedroom, there were Jumping Monkeys all around me, they had big, red, piercing eyes and looked evil. Now at that moment i was as scared as i have ever been, they jumped and flipped and kept pinching me and giggling. I screamed and shouted, but no-one came, I must of done it out loud because my mom came rushing into my room in her flimsy, silk nighty, sleeping mask and dressing gown. 'Whats wrong my baby?' she asked stroking my head with a wet flannel, 'Uh ah Uh ah' I panted, 'Um i had a awful dream mommy' i answered. Now that was what i called spoilt talk. Mom got me a cup of strong coffe and we talked about my dream, i told her how terrible it was and she sympathized every word i said. My dad, how typical of him, was still sound asleep, snoring through all my shouting and screaming.

The next school morning i packed my bag with my new DXI2000 and my tenner that my mom gave me for lunch and stuff and my mobile and school books and pens. Now i wasn't a straight-A-student at the age of 14 but i had fairly good grades. When i approached the school gates my mates, Bill, Tom and Jess came strolling towards me, they we rich too and quite snobby, but they were good mates. 'So Kipper got the new DXI2000 huh?' They asked in chorus, determained to get the answer no. 'Uh actually yes i have, guys i gotta show you it, see?' I said excitedley as i grabbed it out my bag. Shocked they gasped 'woooooow' they gazed at the shiny, slick cover and the touch screen and the slim fittied stylus. 'So, uh, what games you got?' they said totaly coming out of day dream. 'More to the point, have you guys got it yet?' I said ignoring their question slightly. 'Uh, uh, uh, yh sure...i guess...NO!' they all cryed, sobbing like maniacs, 'mom wont let me buy it' sobbed Tom, 'Dad says no' Cried Jess, 'Mom and dad says they ain wasting money on that' yelled Bill. 'Tough luck' i sighed dramatically, walking away to show my other mates.

I thought to myself, I hope i dont have those dreams again.

The End

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