Captured In My Dreams

Think that you were captured...Too hard to believe?
Then you will find out as, John Kipper gets captured...Not in the REAL world but in his dreams! He gets captured...but doesn't...weird?

I'm an average kid, right, but things happen, and i don't know what and why. I am John Kipper, i live at 86 Friday Avenue in Essex. I know you may be thinking, simple, puberty, but....not that kind! I have a small family and a big house! My family is wealthy and i am a single spoilt child, i like to have everything i want, but i am apreciative, arn't i?

One night i slept a deep sleep, and had a wierd, but very vivid dream, I was in a identical world to mine and i lived in the same house and everything, but i felt captured, everywhere i went eyes were watching me. Then i woke up and it was 12.00pm, noon, I jumped out of bed, soggy with panic sweat. What just happend i told myself, It was just a dream. That day i went out to town to buy me the latest gadget, the brand new DXI2000, everyone wanted it, but i could have it, it was at least 200 pounds worth, with Blu-Ray and Extra Techno stuff, great games you can get for free! I went into GamesI store and asked the tall, sleepy man at the counter, 'New DXI2000 please' I said to the man. 'Nope sorry got non in, Yawn, don't sell them yet' he replied, rather rudley, but helpful to my knowledge. So i thanked him and ran home down Grater street, up Julins road and into my avenue. I jumped straight onto the computer when i got back and searched the official and ordered it online, It was a few pounds cheaper online, bout 197.99, so i waited. It came 1 day later through the postbox, in heavy protected packaging. I opened it and rumaged therough the packacge for the free game you got.

I ended up playing on it all night and falling into that wierd dream again.

The End

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