Not so Garfield

Adventure! That big Ginger cat on the TV was too lazy to leave the house, but this kitty cat isn't. They left the door open, my escape was effortless! 

What's this? Such a lovely smell, wonderful! Fresh grass. I tumbled in the grass, feeling it on my back. A bird backflipped on my belly and I tried to catch it. I didn't think it had the slightest clue I'm a cat. I tried to grab at it, it was a fast one, could jump around like there was no tomorrow.Suddenly I heard an unwanted but familiar voice, Mega...Mega....oh humans give themselves rediculous names and cats for that matter! The bird flies off. I laugh to myself, even birds hate her. She picks me up like a bundle of grass and I struggle, attempting to leap free out of her arms. Arms annoy me, they're too long! They make me feel trapped. I almost leap out of her arms when she grabs me by my poor precious tale...I scowl and bite her little finger. She screams.

 I run back in the house and into a little corner, my usual hiding place. The girl is crying out to her mother. Her mother yells something...I'm safe here I think to myself, for now I'm safe and I don't care about anything else now, not ever! Ooh Milk..I can smell milk.

The End

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