Can't Take Today

Some days you just wish you hadn't gotten out of bed.

Today is just like every other day
I woke up, opened my eyes
The sun was shining
The birds were bleating
Today I thought might be ok
Today seemed like it would be good

Wasn't what I hoped it would be, though
Everything seemed to go awry
Should have pulled the covers over my head
Instead I greeted the day
Foolishly optimistic, just for a moment
Then it all came crashing down

Nothing started out right
It only dragged on from there
A day of pretending to be happy
A day of pretending all is well
My smile feels fake and I know it
I think my face might crack

I hope my eyes don't show it
Not sure my facade is holding up
The tears are threatening, ready to spill
I just need a moment to breathe
Trying to hold everything together
I just wish I could fall apart

Hiding is all I can handle right now
I just can't face the world
But the world just won't leave me alone
Have to keep being what I'm supposed to be
So very tired, wish I could sleep
Instead I'm hoping I can hold on

The End

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