Can't Escape Me

This is about something that happened to me at school, I guess it's my revenge. It helped me deal with it, this song was like my councillor :)

Chorus Once

Flash, I'm in your nightmares

Flash, I'm in your dreams

Flash, I'm gonna make you pay 

For what you did to me

Flash, I'm right behind you

Flash, you better scream

Flash, this is my turn

You can't escape from me


Verse One

Yeah flash, you can't escape me

No match, when you're against me

I'm the catch, that you caught in the sea

The very same catch you thought was naive

Soon as I headed right up to the police

You looked back at the sea and tried putting me back in

But I'm not going nowhere, I'm now in your life

What you done to me made me stronger than life

When stronger than yours, that's for sure

Your blood just seems to look so raw

Just like your whole appearance, nothing there is pure

You can smirk at me, thinking you got away with this

But I aint gotta live with it for the next five years

On jobs interviews and college ones too

You gotta explain what your caution means

But me, nah I aint got nothing

Got into college like the breeze in the wind

All I did was the tell the truth and I can live with myself

But tell me what do you see when you look in the mirror at yourself?

What do you see looking back? 

You cold spineless pig

I'll tell you what you see,

 A pathetic little boy that can't deal with this

Go on, break down and cry night after night

Just like I did till I was brave enough to fight


Chorus Once


Verse Two

I'm not gonna be made a fool of

If it's gonna be anyone, it's gonna be you

Standing there, with a face so solemn 

Standing there, with a face like golem

Acting weird, like your face is falling

Falling from your skull

Down into the world below

Cos Hell is damn, where you're heading

You're gonna burn down there, like I did

You're gonna face your fear, like I did

Like I had to, I didn't have a choice

Like you have to, let's see you lose your voice 

Lose it, because you've forgotten how to use it

I'm now the one in control, in control with the music

I'm gonna make you go, oh

Cos to you it's confusing

How did I, this little shy girl

Get in control of this guy, well I did it all myself

Got told counselling weren't for crazy people

So I wasn't afraid to ask for their help

Now I'm back on the right road

Because this road is my home

A long time ago I forgot the person who I was

Now I'm starting to remember, what I was put here for


Chorus Twice

The End

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