The hard times of Boris

Food so far away. No water nearby. I could feel my life slipping away as I tried putting one paw forward and dragging myself just a little further to safety and refuge. I was not going to make it. I knew it, but I still wanted to go on and try to cheat death.

I crawled and crawled, drawing ever closer to survival. I looked up and saw the mighty stool of life. All I needed to do know was stand up. I tried but my legs were too weak. I lay on the floor panting in exhaustion but my tummy could not rest. It needed food and it needed it now!

I stood up and stared my food bowl in the eye before hovering up all of the biscuits. Like always the water bowl was next to it and I lapped up the cool drink like there was no tomorrow. Life as a Pug was hard but I was harder.

The End

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