My stomach is rumbling; making the sounds of a wild boar trying to protect its young or the strange sounds that the humans make by hitting trees. Motioning on my sides to making myself comfortable, it did not help.

I have not eaten for two days now and I feel restless, but I have to push myself to the limit. There will not be any mistakes this time, I said to myself, lying to keep my hopes up for support. 

Looking at a range where the mountains laid quiescent, their rocky outline lost their texture from the rising sun. 

It is time to hunt...

Resting on the big branch of my favourite tree, I got up with a sigh, changing my droopy face into an expression of determination. I am ready.

I stretch my slender spotted fur coat to warm-up my muscles that still remained. My ribs are showing more dominant today and would be great if I could get something to feast on for tonight.

The very moment I thought that, a beautiful scent passed my nose which left me drooling on the spot. My dinner is nearby.

I jump off the branch and sneakfully follow the magnificant odour that has enchanted me to the core; my body is now walking to its own accord. As I quietly dodge the long brown grass of the dried land, I spot my prey eating sumptuously with their group. Their antlers are very big and there is a risk that they might kill me, but I do not have any chance; I'm dead either way.

Positioning myself for a perfect attack, I find which one looked most satisfying. Although, it did not matter which one I captured, if I can get that huge one I can survive a few more days longer.

Tensing my hinder legs to lung myself with force, I took a wrong step and pushed a rock causing to make a small sound. The big giant eland that I wanted heard the sound and started running off, warning the others as he did. As a result, it got away but I am lucky enough to be near a young one. It's not what I wanted but it is good enough; I'm too hungry to think about anything else now.

Unforatunately, the baby eland's mother striked my sides making me flip aside with agony. I purred to ease the pain, but I can not get myself to stand and my food was gone in an instant.

Well, there is nothing else to do but try again or else it's another day with the throbbing sounds of my stomach to sound me to sleep.

The End

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