belated semblance of an answer

and there will always be enough hatred in the world, i'm afraid. 
enough hatred and enough violence to span the world in a heartbeat 
and i can't say it doesn't hurt because sometimes it does. 

loving a woman isn't always easy when you are a woman. 

but i'll let you in on something, 
thinly whispered in evening light:
there is not enough love in this world. 
and if you can love, love anyone in any way, 
then there is admiration to be had for that

because love is a different kind of beautiful 
and it makes us all the better for it, 
and there will be wars to fight and arguments to have 
but you will never be at fault for your ability to love
you will never be to blame for the people you choose to fall for 
because there is never any shame in loving someone. 

it's the most powerful thing we have. 
so i wish you love
if you would like it
in all its forms.

The End

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