Can I ask you something?

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Can I ask you something?

Is it love if a woman loves a woman?

Some would say no. It is an abomination. It is not real. Others, no, it's just something created for men.

But I say yes.

I have never felt more full of love than when I think of the woman I love. It does not matter if I specify what love is, if I specify my emotions, or if I specify sex. I know that the emotion I am feeling is love, in whatever form it has fallen.

And I have fallen. Although it feels like flying, free falling, falling with purpose and with free will and with every chance of pulling up, but never wanting to.

And I don't know if this is the love that moulds lives together. I don't know if this is the feeling, the one that is embellished in stories and dreams, and joked over by people who will not admit that they rely on someone else to breathe. I don't know. some would say I'm too young to know, too young to have this. I don't care. To me, this, right now is real.

And whether I'm falling or flying, loving, or merely love, this woman, I know that right now she is my life's breath. The thought that makes my chest ache and drags the tears from my eyes, the one that makes me smile like no other, the one that fills my dreams, that fills my days.

So tell me, do you think a woman can love another woman?

The End

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