What flower fits happiness?

Oh, how divine flowers are to me,

So beautiful and strong,

But I'm not sure if these flowers be,

As where they should belong.



The Rose we know as a flower of love,

This indeed is true

For Love is a flower very wild and proud,

With thorns that may stab you.



But what match may we make,

Of all the flowers that we've seen,

That happiness can take,

Without any to intervene



As not all have experienced happiness,

Whose necter's ever so sweet

But we all have endured sadness

And suffered at some defeat.



A Sunflower just won't do,

For happiness is very short lived.

And a voilet is not quite true,

Neither is the daphadile



Maybe a poisonous flower,

Or maybe a kind of weed

Yes, maybe it was the latter,

Or maybe not a flower but a seed,



No, not a seed or fruit,

For they ripen with juices of joy,

Maybe a flower oudorly mute,

With no scent, but beauty, then destroyed.,



Yes, the Camelia, its the perfect match!

No scent to offer indeed,

But with beauty it is greatly attached,

Then dies in misery...

The End

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