Calm River.

Something I wrote when I was 11. This is what got me into writing, like seriously writing. In fact it wasn't even this, it was my teachers reaction to it. If you want to know her reaction comment! ;)

  I love sitting by the river with bare feet. Feeling the wind blow my curly hair from my face. I love the sound of tiny waves, ripples, hitting the shore and of birds and crickets making the sound their supposed to. This calms me more than anything; I love nature. I'm dressed like a city girl, though. It feels good to be out here alone Even as I watch the bugs on the water; I can't escape the whirlwind of thoughts as they roll around in my head like a baby's rattle. It's peaceful in my little spot by the river. As my imagination runs wild I see a dark form in the water. Automatically I think the form is a huge shark coming closer, closer, and closer. Then I tell myself "C'mon be realistic now. Sharks are not Mississippi River and if they are they wouldn't be in this shallow part of the river." So I look back to the form and it's gone. Now all I see is little dark waves hitting the shore, the dock, and my feet. ROOOOM, a motor-boat passes by me, making the little waves bigger. I lay down and close my eyes for a moment or two. I hear nothing then my name falling off the lips of my grandmother. It's time to go inside and out of the cold. Until next time I visit the calm river.

                 I wrote this in: 10-15-11

The End

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