Year Eight- Saturday's Sail Sing See

On Saturday's cousin Erin has been taking me and my little sister to the Black Sheep for listening to live Celtic jam sessions. It's my favorite part about the weekends. I love playing card games with my older cousin while drinking cream soda and tapping my feet with an older man on a fiddle. 

Over the summers cousin Erin has been staying at our house because she's stage manager of the OSF Green Show. She's my favorite cousin. She wears so many pretty rings and she can make anything she sets her mind to. She's really funny too and goes on so many adventures. One year she biked from coast to coast across America because she hurt her hip when she was going to walk coast to coast. I want to be just like her.

Anyway, I've started singing to myself in made up languages. It doesn't matter what strange words come out of my mouth, as long as they're pretty and the songs sound Celtic. Erin caught me doing it once. I pretended I heard something strange too. It was kind of embarrassing. 


One of my favorite places in the world is my plum tree. Sometimes, when my sister gets boring to play with, I go sit out in the front yard plum tree. I discovered a perfect sitting branch. I like to just sit up there all alone and watch the street and think. I sometimes dream I'm a bird or a flying squirrel and can jump from tree to tree and fly. 

I've been trying to make friends with the birds. I've been watching them and we have a woodpecker, a couple of jays and a few new robins every year. I tried pretending to be a tree once or twice, holding out branches for birds to land on, but they never came. I suppose I don't look too much like a tree. So now, I just sit in the plum tree and watch them as they come to snatch the little sour plums from its branches. I feel happy here.


My dad took me and my little sister sailing for the first time without our mom. My mom was feeling kind of sick, so she let us go without her. It was really exciting. My sister and I got to sit in the back of dad's truck where the little seats folded out behind dad's chair. He didn't let me sit in the front though, even though mom wasn't coming. 

At the lake, the Sheriff came to check boating licenses. My dad needed a new license and a whistle, but he let us go anyway. On the lake, we were having a great time, leaning out as far as we could so the boat wouldn't keel over. Our dad let us dangle our feet out on the hulls too. While we were in the middle of the lake, however, the mast of the boat suddenly fell. 

It wasn't scary even though the mast seemed to fall slowly right over us. I could hear myself screaming "TIMBERS!" in my thoughts, and suddenly we were all in the water. It was my first capsize and it was so much fun! While my dad tied down the ropes and organized the mast so it lay neatly on the boat, my little sister and I swam around, splashing each other and just having a good time. Then we got to ride in the Sheriff's boat as it toed ours back to shore! It was such a good day!

As it turns out, one of the screws for the mast fell out. Fortunately it was an easy one to replace, but we went home that day sopping wet and excited. My mom didn't believe us at first when we told her what happened, because we were all laughing. Finally, dad convinced her. I thought she would be worried, but instead she laughed too. What a funny day that was!

The End

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