Year Eight- San Bai San Shi San

I decided to stop playing with my friends. Ever since third grade started they've been gossiping and doing cartwheels during lunch and recess. Gossip is boring and I can't even do a cartwheel. Playing pretend is so much more fun, but they seem to think they're too old for it, like they're all grown up or something.

Playing alone on the monkey bars is funner than handstands and cartwheels. At least you get calluses and strong arms when you swing on the monkey bars. I don't see any calluses on my friends' hands. 


Today I counted to three hundred and thirty three in Chinese during recess. San bai san shi san. It wasn't hard. Counting in Chinese is easy. So is playing by yourself.


I've made friends with some Chinese and Korean girls in second grade. They're nice and they still like to play pretend. I went over to one of their houses once and we watched Mulan. I love Mulan, only it was the second movie and it was all about love. Yuck. They all said they liked the second movie better than the first. I can't believe that. The first Mulan was way better. It didn't have all the mushy gushy stuff. 


I've created a new game of tag. Only me and this other boy is allowed. Every day at recess I chase him around just so I can prove that girls can be as strong as boys. It's really exciting every time I catch him since he's so fast. It means I'm fast too and I can be just as strong as any boy.

One day after a really tough chase, my old friends came up to me in a big group. They said they wanted to talk to me and asked me bluntly if I liked the boy I was chasing. It made me angry. I wasn't like those girls who tried to chase the boys in order to kiss them on the cheek. I mean, come on! I'm a third grader! Boys still have cooties!

They were really persistent and so I said yes just to get rid of them. 

The End

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