Year Seven - Tea Party in the Snake Nest

I have a new best friend. Her name is Katlin.

My old best friend moved to Hawaii. I used to go to her house for piano lessons but then afterward we could play with dolls. She was my best friend in the entire world, but then she moved, leaving me Swirly Bear who is now my favorite stuffed animal. I couldn't bring Swirly Bear to school though so I had to make new friends.

Katlin is my new best friend because she has a funny accent and she likes to write. 

In second grade we started writing projects. We got a full sheet of paper and vocabulary words and we got to write stories. Katlin and I thought this was so much fun that we started to make our own stories during recess. By the fourth recess we had two whole pages done! 

The story was about two sisters (who were also best friends) who, one day, saw the invisible castle out their window. They went to explore it, but there was an evil witch there who cursed them. They had to go find a cure, so they traveled very far. But then a giant Boa constrictor caught them and brought the sisters into his nest high in a tree.

And that's when we had tea with the Boa constrictor in a giant nest high above the ground. 

Katlin and I both knew the sisters were going to escape the snake, but that's where the story finished. We showed it to our teacher and she smiled and asked for more, but didn't she know? The Walkathon was during recess now. We couldn't write and walk at once!

The End

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