Year Six- The Counting Witch and the Land of Doom

It happened again. 

Falling once more into a fit of nightmares, I, well, fell.

That's what started it. I couldn't say why. I just tripped as I was entering a room full of partying parrots. I looked up on the floor and to my astonishment and horror, the larger-than-life parrots were replaced by a witch standing at a pedestal, towering over me. It was just your generic witch: tall pointy hat, green face, a couple of warts here in there and the coldest eyes I had ever seen. 

And then she began to count.

I knew immediately what this meant. If I didn't scream loud enough by the time she reached ten, then I would be sent to the Doom Land. I had never gone there before, always screaming myself awake before she actually got to ten, but this time my voice wouldn't work. I tried screaming, but nothing more than a helpless croak came out. I was horrified as she counted faster and faster until she uttered that final harsh syllable. Ten.

I was suddenly flying through a sort of portal, the rounded walls covered in yellow and blue Pooh Bear sheets. All the Pooh Bear's seemed to laugh cruelly at me. My treasured friend, Winnie the Pooh, laughing! I was terrified. 

Finally I ended up in a little red wagon. I looked up and all around me and the world was grey. I was in the play room (a room that was supposed to be the dining room) and Casper the ghost was there. The little red wagon was the only object with any color. And suddenly Casper smiled and started to pull me around in the wagon.

It was fun. 

And then my eyes opened and I was suddenly filled with disappointment. I almost wanted to continue my nightmare. 

As if the witch could read my thoughts, she vanished, defeated. After years of the witch popping up in my dreams, she disappeared, never to trouble my peaceful sleeping again. 

The End

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