Year Four- Marshmallows and Yellowjackets

Today in preschool we constructed things with marshmallows and toothpicks.

I made a tower of marshmallows with some friends. They were talking about bees. I had never gotten stung by a bee before, so they didn't scare me. As I squished a couple of the fluffy marshmallows in my mouth, they told me stories.

I'm scared of bees now.

They said bee stings really hurt. They say there are bumble bees and hornets and worst of all yellow jackets. My friend Louie said he'd been stung three times by a yellow jacket before. Emily said they had a bee trap in her backyard. I said we have bees in the lavender. 

The tower was nearly finished. I ate a few more marshmallows.

I bet marshmallows wouldn't be scared of bees since they wouldn't be able to feel a bee sting.

How nice it would be to be a marshmallow. 

The End

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